1. Capture more than what you look like, capture what your life feels like.

When you look back at your photos in years ahead, you’ll remember exactly what it felt like to be there, with your family, in that moment. You’ll feel all of the emotion, joy, love, quirks, and humor of that day each time you view your photos.

2. Timeless photos that never go out of style                

In 30 years, you won’t have to worry about how dated your hair was, or how bad that particular style of jeans looked on you. This is because ultimately, I’m photographing your story, your emotions, your personality; those stories will never age.

3. Relaxed, easy-going photo sessions

Your photos with me won’t involve flashing lights, uncomfortable poses, or fake smiles because your everyday life doesn’t involve those things, either. Perfectly matching outfits and perfectly behaving babies aren’t a necessity, either. Authentic, unscripted moments happen naturally when you are enjoying your life as a family, whatever that means for today. So come to the session ready to have a great time while I do all the work!

4. Heirloom photos for generations to enjoy

Your authentic story and your deep affection for those you love most are the best things you can pass on to others. Photos with Studio 1825 can capture both so that you and your loved ones can revisit your amazing legacy for generations.

5. Family images that are different and unique

When you book a session with me, the images you’ll receive will be wildly different from most of the family photos you see on Pinterest or magazines. Your rare and extraordinary story will be told without words; this is a story that cannot be replicated by anyone else because it only belongs to you.

Renee Wofford, Oxford MS Photographer/Asheville NC Photographer specializing in Family Documentary Photography. To book a session with me, click here.