What to wear

Your best photos will come through when you are at your most comfortable, wearing your favorite outfit, and feeling your absolute best. I encourage my clients to wear the outfit that they already have in their closet that they love the most: the one they look the best in, or the one they have great memories in, or the one that just makes them feel super-confident. A photo session with me is all about documenting what your life looks like today, and that includes those items of clothing you most enjoy wearing!

What to do

Before the session, I work with each client to find activities that they truly enjoy together and that they would most enjoy having photos of. When the session comes around, your time with me is already planned out with activities that you genuinely look forward to; all you need to do during the session is enjoy some quality time with those you love most! Planning these activities allows our time together to be unscripted and unposed (just like real life!) so that your most genuine, heartfelt moments shine through naturally.

What to bring

Because I’m the one who is doing all the work, there’s very little that you, as the client, need to bring. For the most part all you really need is yourself and the ones you love. Your photos will be all about interaction, emotion, and the relationships that exist between you. If there are any specific items that facilitate that interaction or are involved in the activities we’ve planned for the session, then I’d love for you to bring those. Other than that, just bring yourself and your excitement for the amazing photos you’re about to create!

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