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Cheerful Reminiscing and Optimistic Predictions


I remember the first few months of my marriage. I had gone from living hundreds of miles away from my fiancé to sleeping in the same bed as him in the course of about 2 weeks. He was my best friend in the world and the transition from long-distance to right-next-to-me felt (unexpectedly) as natural as breathing.

We lived in a tiny, 700 sq ft apartment.  It had one bedroom and three large closets (props to the architect on that one, lol).  My husband and I joke that in order to navigate that apartment, you never had to actually walk through it.  All you needed to do was take one step in a direction and then you’d just begin bouncing back and forth off the walls until you reached your destination.

We now look back on that apartment with deep nostalgia and joy. That apartment was the setting for our newlywed life and everything that came with it.  In that apartment, we learned how to cook meals we both enjoyed eating. We learned that neither of us are very organized and have to work extra hard at it. And like all newlyweds, we learned all the details about one another in that apartment…the wonderful, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly…

Subsequently we also got to learn a lot about conflict resolution. If you’re married, you know how important this skill is!

Funny enough, we now suggest all newlyweds live in tiny apartments at first…you can’t run away from your problems when you only have 700 sq ft of space.  You absolutely must learn how to work through your stuff!

*newlyweds everywhere retch*

But in that apartment, we also learned to truly, deeply enjoy each other. We learned what we meant to each other. We learned how to build a life together. We learned how to love one another in that apartment.

I wasn’t into photography at that point in my life.  I hardly ever took photos and, looking back, I don’t think I knew the value that images could hold. 

I wish I had a photo of that apartment, set up the way we had it. The Ethernet cord strung up the middle of the wall in the living room because the phone connection was in the *most* inconvenient place.  The ill-fitting, dark blue slip cover (covering who-knows-what) on the hand-me-down couch.  The crappy pressboard shelves that I was enormously thankful to have in the kitchen because there was almost no cabinet space. That apartment was the setting for one of the most memorable points of mine and my husband’s life.

It’s because I don’t have that photo that I took the one above.  It’s my office where I do everything for Studio 1825.  We have a house now (no longer in that tiny apartment!). And this is a spare room that I made into my office space. 

We had it filled with junk before now, just using it as a storage space. We cleaned it out, and my husband fixed the insulation in all the walls so that it would be a comfortable space to work in, instead of the sauna that it was before.  I removed the popcorn ceiling and let the nice, smooth, painted sheetrock shine through.  The walls were originally a pale blue and, to match my branding, I chose a warm white because I wanted the room to feel clean but welcoming.  I lucked out in that the linoleum is the same black and white as my logo, so I don’t feel the need to change that out quite yet (although that day is probably coming).

It’s sparse right now because I haven’t yet bought furniture or décor.  But that will all come in time.  At least that’s what I tell my aesthetically-concerned, impatient heart.

All that to say, we are already invested in this space. Even though it’s unfinished and imperfect, we have already made memories here. We have toiled in this space, laughed in this space, bickered in this space, and celebrated in this space. And I look forward to the memories that are to come in this space.  The struggles and the triumphs. The thousands of beautiful photos of wonderful clients that I hope to edit here. The headaches because I never know what to write in blogs. The happy faces of clients when they see their photos for the first time.

This is where my tiny business will hopefully grow into something wonderful, just like our tiny apartment eventually led our wonderful home. And I look forward to one day looking back on this room with the same joy and nostalgia that I feel when I think about that itty bitty apartment we started in when we were first married. 

I wholeheartedly recommend everyone have photographs of their everyday settings in life.  Just to be able to look back on and remember…everything…that happened there.  

Warmest wishes,


Renee Wofford