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Time for some embarrassing photos!

Get ready for questionable fashion choices and a healthy dose of awkwardness...

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So, why have I posted photos of my blunder years on my public website?

I truly believe that photos, whether they are perfectly posed or are just snapshots at a family gathering, tell a story about who we are and where we come from.  They never stop teaching us more about ourselves or about our loved ones.  They remind us of the love we experienced in life, and of the people who bestowed that love. They are a capsule of who we were at a specific point in time. For those reasons, our photographs, whether they be silly or messy or embarrassing or beautiful, deserve remembering. I hope that, at Studio 1825, I am able to deliver images to you that bring to mind all of the things I have written above.  If I have done that much, then I have done my job!

I would love to capture the real, messy, beautiful love that exists in your family!  Inquire at

Thank you!



For those who might be curious, Studio 1825 is named for the world's oldest surviving photographic artifact, pictured below.  It is a photo of a dutch engraving taken by French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in the year 1825. 

We at Studio 1825, who specialize in capturing truly real moments in the lives of families, believe that photography exists so that we may look back and remember who we were and how we've grown. The name Studio 1825 pays homage to that notion by pointing back to the very beginning of the history of our industry.